1 aprile 2016

Editorial #3: Of spring, new trends & other stories

So without anyone noticing it, it’s April yet: this 2016 is going fast. However I don’t mind the arrival of Spring: I got tired of padded jackets, of continuous rain, of hats, of wind. It was the time to change air and the wardrobe with it. Obviously we are all running towards the discover of new trends; there is a secret pleasure in the trends discovery: there is who needs to say his own opinion, who needs to show how he/she interprets them, who needs to seem an outsider going against them, but most of us goes to Zara and buys the dress/jeans/shirt/whatever that best imitates the latest trends and lives well for the rest of the season. Anyhow we all speak about trends and this year there is a good reason to do it: if you go on fashion official channels (such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar etc) to see the reports of trends, you can see that there are some really chilling ones. In fact some spring trends are: the victorian influence (and the puffing sleeves, too), some kind of slipper/mule that I ignore of course (I promise myself I would never wear this kind of “shoes”), the spanish influences (and the rouches of course). So, ignoring this improbable jokes (do anyone of you want to seem a flamenco ballerina at job? I don’t think so), we can soon look at the realistic cool trends of this season: the seventies (with suede and fringes of course), the boudoir dresses, the naked shoulder and maybe the denim (we aren’t free from it yet). Indeed the real trend of this season will come from the streetstyle, the favored channel of what is really trendy.

Please note: I know I haven’t included the stripes and the floral, but who need them? We wear them every year, they aren’t trends.

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