7 febbraio 2016

Editorial #2: Of resolutions, couture & other stories

I’ve written only two post on the blog since the beginning, and the third one is the second editorial. My constancy sucks, that’s true: I wished to write after the beginning of the new year but two delirious weeks made me lost the sense of time. So funny. However it’s February and I can begin writing again since I have completely disregarded my 2016 good resolutions and since the haute couture has just paraded in Paris, so we’ve a lot of things to talk about.
I adore haute couture because, even if I can’t afford it(but who can? I can rely them on my fingertips), it’s free from any market optics or at least from any mass-oriented marketing politics; so it succeeds to be the designer’s pure creative expression, that is a thing which only Prada and few others can do in ready-to-wear. Furthermore lately haute couture has become even more varied, carrying on a contemporary artistic message not just limited to red-carpet or cocktail dresses. So Elie Saab and Maison Margiela create their haute couture collections following two completely different aesthetics, distilled to their purest essence and interesting. Thus in the fast-fashion age we admire yet this dresses, that are the contact point between art and fashion. See you soon,

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  1. Haute couture is love, I agree one hundred percent!

    - Seyra x


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