15 dicembre 2015

3 styles for your Christmas decorations

One of the Christmas customs I love more is decorating home. The decorations help creating the xmas atmosphere, but there are a lot of decorating styles you can choose between: here I’m going to share with you my three favorite ones. All images are from Pinterest, one of my favorite social: you can check out my board here.
NORDIC CHRISTMAS Lately minimalism is very cool both for dressing and for interior decor, so if you love neutrals colors, black, white, gray and so on, nordic style is perfect for you:
  • the table is white and geometric, tissues are precious but opaque and candid, at the center there is glass centerpiece with pinecones and white candles;
  • the home is decorated with minimal Christmas tree, drawn on the wall or composed of photos, the garlands are minimal and are hanging from the ceiling and there are pine branches with black and white;
  • Christmas packs are wrapped in white opaque paper whit slim natural or black rope.

RUSTIC CHRISTMAS Christmas brings in each home a lot of natural elements such as: firs, pine cones and wood. So I also love a rustic style based all upon colors like green and brown:
  • the home smells like poutpourri composed of oranges, pine needles, cinnamon, vanilla and red berries winter boiled in a copper pot;
  • the table is marked by placemats made of real wood and white plates, with a central long runner of pine branches and cones;
  • the tree is decorated with pine cones ornated with bows.

CLASSIC CHRISTMAS Last but not least there is a classic Christmas with red, gold and green all round in cozy but magnificent houses:
  • the tables wears a red table cloth with candles at center and white napkins alla around;
  • the tree is made heavy by many Christmas lights and red and gold decorations;
  • Christmas packs are wrapped is simple but with a lot of golden accents.

I hope this post to be useful and to give you some great ideas for your Christmas decorations, let me know what is your favourite style and how you decorate your own home in a comment below,

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  1. Great post hun! thanks for sharing love. Have an amazing weekend!<3

    Lots of love,
    Kayla Xx

  2. Very pretty. My favorite is the classic, I think!

    1. Thank you for sharing your favorite!
      See you soon,

  3. All three are wonderful don't know how I would choose. I guess I could change it up every year.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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